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Stages Learning Materials
Learn more about the latest research and resources to help every child with autism learn & thrive

Stages Learning Materials is hard at work building an online distance learning platform designed specifically to serve children with autism. The Stages Learning Line platform design draws on current research on remote learning for children with autism in order to provide the most effective services. The following article provides a summary of the research on distance learning and autism therapy that helped inform the design of our upcoming new platform.

This article was originally posted on the Stages Autism Resource & Community.

Staff at Stages Learning Materials was initially motivated to create our new distance learning platform by a desire…

Ready, set, let’s go! Walk, run, jump, swim, climb. There are so many ways we can move our bodies. Gross motor skills are those skills that we need to move, skills which are designed to help us survive, but also to thrive. As a baby develops they learn to roll, crawl, kneel, stand, and walk. A young child will then learn to climb, jump, run, kick, and throw. As we continue to develop we can learn skills such as dancing, hiking, running, swimming, or other sports. And the best part, is that we can continue developing these skills throughout our…

This article was originally posted on the Stages Autism Resource & Community

iPad with Stages Language Builder App home screen

A Letter from the CEO: A Leap of Faith

It is such an honor to have an article about the launch of our new Stages Language Builder App in the Harvard Graduate School of Education News!

My relationship with the Ed. School started in the Fall of 2012 when I dropped everything, flew across the country, and joined up with a small cohort at Harvard called the “Technology, Innovation and Education Program” for a one year intensive Master’s Program. …

Young boy playing with a wall of sensory toys
Young boy playing with a wall of sensory toys

Adults with Autism: The Importance of First Person Accounts

This article was originally posted on the Stages Autism Resource & Community.

Many parents of children with autism wonder what will happen when their children grow up — what will their adult lives be like? This is true of all parents, but likely more so for parents of children with autism. And just like neurotypical children, children with autism are each unique and have strengths that help them in life and weaknesses that may sometimes hold them back.

Donald Gray Triplett was the first person ever diagnosed with autism, back in 1942. In a wonderful article in The Atlantic called…

This article was originally posted on the Stages Autism Resource & Community.

Most parents are understandably anxious about the thought of their child eventually dating and becoming sexually active. That anxiety may be even greater for the parents of a child with autism. What’s a parent to do? The goal is to support every young person in healthy, optimal human development, including social and sexual development. The following basic components of education and evaluation may be helpful.

1: Check yourself!

This is the most important step. What are your own views about sex and partnering? What were you taught as…

This article provides a plan to return our students and staff to school safely using evidence-based medical practices and accelerated learning approaches. The author is a former superintendent of the Brown Deer School District and immediate past president of the American Association for School Administrators (AASA), This article is about a plan for the state of Wisconsin, but the research-based recommendations are applicable for any state in the U.S.

Originally posted on the Stages Autism Resource & Community.

For additional information about plans in other states see: Returning to In-Person Learning, a report issued by the Education Commission of the States.

Who could have imagined a year ago that a pandemic would force schools to close across the country and so drastically affect…

Stages Learning Materials

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